Thursday, April 9, 2009

yay for thursday and photography exploration!

happy thursday my loves!

it's a booootiful day here in the city, only to be followed by some good friday (and satuday) rain..BOOOOO..oh well...i guess a rainy saturday will make sure i stay indoors and work on some of the ideas i've been mulling around in my head.

so today's update has to do on photography! my fellow etsians were kind enough to critique my shop for me and recommended i try to improve my photos with a lightbox or by taking pictures of my pieces in natural light. as a thank you, below please find pictures of and links to the shops of just a few of the MANY great folks who were kind and talented enough to offer me advice:



Grace Handmade Jewelry

wellll...i totally failed at the lightbox thing (am counting on my boyfriend for that one now ;) but i did manage to get in a few shots on my windowsill before i had to leave this morning. please take a look and let me know what you think :) definitely not as good as everyone's above, but i think they're a good start!.... (you'll also get a look at the new FATTIE bow ring!)

can't wait til friday!



  1. Hey there! "funusual" here - and hey! I'm so happy that you decided to experiment and try out your windowsill. It can be daunting when you recognise that you're not just the designer, but also the photographer and prop stylist for your photos, too! Your photos are clear and sharp where they need to be and your cropping is excellent. Good on ya!

  2. I had to comment again --- I LOVE the bow ring and the necklace next to it. You've got some talent lady. I'm subscribing to your blog right now...