Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i'm on flickr!!!

so i decided to join flickr as a way to showcase all of my past and present work. this way anyone who's interested can see items that have already been sold or that have been made as gifts or custom orders. enjoy!

a weekend's worth of work...

saturday was spent scouring my favorite bead stores for the perfect piggies and chains to make these custom pieces -

i think they turned out pretty well, but fingers crossed for the reviews from the piggy lovers who requested them!

the weekend also produced the following pieces:
  • aggy earrings - i actually made the first pair of these as a birthday present to my friend agnes, i loved them so much i wanted to share them
  • throwbackk earrings - these seem 1920s-ish to me, maybe art deco? maybe i made that up? who knows - i still adore them and hope you do too.
  • sparkly - simple and feminine
  • bamboo-zled - trying to incorporate more silver jewelry into my "line" (ha!) hope you guys like this one
there's still lots more to come! like a ring i forgot to photoraph...whoops!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Betty’s Baubles

many many thanks to nilu for the flattering write up (and perhaps not so flattering picture ;) in her amazing fashion blog: fashion spotlight.

this is a great blog for anyone who wants well-written and helpful fashion advice/updates, including lots of exclusive interviews and news on up and coming young designers and industry people - check it out!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

working for the weekend!

i can't wait til this weekend when i can get my hands on some wire and pliers and off of this keyboard!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my first write-up!

hi friends!!!

please take a moment to check out my very first write-up on the great blog College Look
Emma is a college student and fashion writer whose articles/posts are informative and fun - you should definitely keep an eye on her blog, even if not to read her post on yours truly ;)

thanks to everyone for their support thus far and a VERY special thanks to *emma*/twigie for taking the time to ask me questions and put together such an amazing post.


Monday, March 23, 2009

A few things!

Some random notes I wanted to share...
  • in case you've been wondering, a lot of my pieces are photographed on my bed! i just love my duvet cover (it has birds and branches all over it, are we surprised??) and think it makes a lovely background. the bird "sculptures" are actually my tealight candle holders
  • i loveeeeee yellow gold, is it obvious? but have had requests for more silver pieces, especially rings, i promise to oblige asap!
  • i've just placed an order with another etsy seller for some new materials, i can't wait til they get here so i can start playing with them! stay tuned for their debut..
that's all! i just had to share ;)

new additions!

hi lovelies!

so i spent all weekend hammering and cutting away and have six items to show for it, please check them out on etsy when you get the chance. they include:
  • a lovely lariat similar to my previous one but with labradorite and a lighter, rounder stone
  • a beach necklace that i absolutely adoreeee
  • BOWie rings ;) inspired by my forget-me-knot ring that everyone always admires
  • the sequel to the naturale earring collection - the necklace!
  • simple and pretty sand dollar earrings to wear to the beach in my dreams
  • elegant moukaite earrings that will enhance any outfit
please let me know what you think!


Friday, March 20, 2009


hey guys! welcome to the first post on my blog :) this is just to keep people updated on my jewelry making, hopefully it won't contain too many boring details about my life...

so here are a few things!
  • apologies for only having one of most of my items, i'm not sure what people will like and won't like so i only make one of each thing. please feel free to message me any requests for pieces that have already been sold. i also really appreciate feedback, so if there's a certain style you'd like to see more of, please lt me know!
  • my head is abuzzing with ideas, it just takes me a long time to execute them. i sometimes spend up to 2 hours on a single piece/pair of earrings trying to get them perfect, so stay tuned for cool new things!
  • this also explains why i don't make items in bulk, by the time i'm done with one, i want to move on to my next idea!
  • i definitely have more plans for hair accessories, let me know if there's anything you'd like to see
  • i've tried to lower my shipping costs as much as possible, i hate paying for shipping so i know you probably do too!
  • etsy charges fees and so does paypal, it really eats into my wallet *pout*
well that's my rant! in an ideal world, i could sit around all day making jewelry, playing with my future french bulldog, but until then i will rush home from work and focus on my craft into the wee hours of the night for you lovely folks!