Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saving up...

so close! the lovely bf surprised me with a mini torch 2 weeks ago and i am SO EXCITED to get to work on it. unfortunately, i've got this cart full of stuff i'll need (okay some is want :) first. so please be patient folks as i scrape together my pennies!

also, i'm trying to get enough interested people together for a saturday class with Bianca Lopez at her studio in NoHo. why are most classes during the week? do other people not have jobs? how did everyone get so rich??? please let me know if you're interested! she's also got some summer workshops going on - email her for more info. In her own words her school "offers total immersion in a creative environment and business development." She's also just awesome and really understands what it's like to have a dream and no idea what to do with it!

random pretty

just had to share!

Embellished silk-organza dress by Armand Basi here