Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a weekend's worth of work...

saturday was spent scouring my favorite bead stores for the perfect piggies and chains to make these custom pieces -

i think they turned out pretty well, but fingers crossed for the reviews from the piggy lovers who requested them!

the weekend also produced the following pieces:
  • aggy earrings - i actually made the first pair of these as a birthday present to my friend agnes, i loved them so much i wanted to share them
  • throwbackk earrings - these seem 1920s-ish to me, maybe art deco? maybe i made that up? who knows - i still adore them and hope you do too.
  • sparkly - simple and feminine
  • bamboo-zled - trying to incorporate more silver jewelry into my "line" (ha!) hope you guys like this one
there's still lots more to come! like a ring i forgot to photoraph...whoops!


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