Friday, March 20, 2009


hey guys! welcome to the first post on my blog :) this is just to keep people updated on my jewelry making, hopefully it won't contain too many boring details about my life...

so here are a few things!
  • apologies for only having one of most of my items, i'm not sure what people will like and won't like so i only make one of each thing. please feel free to message me any requests for pieces that have already been sold. i also really appreciate feedback, so if there's a certain style you'd like to see more of, please lt me know!
  • my head is abuzzing with ideas, it just takes me a long time to execute them. i sometimes spend up to 2 hours on a single piece/pair of earrings trying to get them perfect, so stay tuned for cool new things!
  • this also explains why i don't make items in bulk, by the time i'm done with one, i want to move on to my next idea!
  • i definitely have more plans for hair accessories, let me know if there's anything you'd like to see
  • i've tried to lower my shipping costs as much as possible, i hate paying for shipping so i know you probably do too!
  • etsy charges fees and so does paypal, it really eats into my wallet *pout*
well that's my rant! in an ideal world, i could sit around all day making jewelry, playing with my future french bulldog, but until then i will rush home from work and focus on my craft into the wee hours of the night for you lovely folks!


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